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Renovated clinic of Santhigiri Ayurveda Siddha Health Care Center Annanagar started functioning near Tower club ( Opposite: Nalli Silks) since October 31st.
Head of Santhigiri Asram- chennai, hon. SWAMI Snehathma Njanathapaswi lighted the lamp.
Doctor’s service are available here throughout the w...

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23-Feb-2019 – 23-Feb-2019

Highly effective ayurvedic treatments in curative and preventive aspects of chronic ailments related to Bone &Joints
*Knee Pain
*Back Pain
*Neck Pain
*Frozen Shoulder
*Tennis Elbow
*Bone Dislocation & Sports Injuries
* Diabetic

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Santhigiri Ayurveda Siddha Health Care Center FREE MEDICAL CONSULTATION CAMP

Treat Joint Pain Without Surgery Very effective for the fast recovery of any kind of ORTHOPEDIC ailments within a a short period of time.
▫Low back & Knee Joint Pain
▫Cervical & Lumbar spondylosis
▫All types of Arthrit...

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Ayurveda Treatments

  • Abhyangam -General Body Massage

    The warm oil applied to the skin get absorbed through the skin cracks and inter-cellular spaces. The warmth of the oil and the hand movements during the massage helps to increase the peripheral circulation. This will enhance the absorption of the active ingredients in the oil through the blood and lymphatic circulation. The active ingredients will be transferred to the target organs accordingly. Indications - To relieve general weakness and tiredness *To impart good sleep *To improve blood circulation * To improve digestion and appetite * To prevent dryness of the skin *Dandruff and loss of hair *Chronic headache and sinusitis * In degenerative diseases of the cranial nerves etc.
  • Massage + Shirodhara

    Abhyangam with Sirodhara -90 minutes -As relaxing as it effective! Combining the effects of the Abhyangam and Sirodhara, this deeply relaxing therapy offers a top-of-the-line rejuvenating experience, which relaxes the body and calms the mind.This individually prepared herbal-oil application nourishes the skin, aids in removing impurities, stimulates both arterial and lymphatic circulation and relaxes the mind and body, promoting overall healing. It enhances the ability of nutrients to reach starved cells and also removes stagnant waste. It synchronizes brain waves and profoundly coordinates and calms the mind, body, and spirit. Shirodhara enhances blood circulation to the brain, improves memory, nourishes the hair and scalp, and generally aids in the release of stress and tension. This 90 minute massage delivers a perfect solution for those who suffer from stress, strain, hypertension, anxiety.
  • Sirodhara

    Shirodhara, a form of treatment, is a word which comprises of two terms ‘shiro’ meaning head and ‘dhara’ meaning pouring in stream or sprinkling. It is an ancient Ayurvedic healing practice which has been performed in India for about the last 5000 years. This treatment has immense impact on the nervous system. It immediately acts to calm and relax your mind and has a cleansing effect on the nerves.Shirodhara is extremely beneficial for people suffering from imbalance of Vata and Pitta. A person suffers from feelings of fear, insecurity and worry when his/her Vata is out of balance. Imbalance of Pitta can cause a person to become angry, frustrated, irritated and even cause him to lose the sense of right and wrong. Shirodhara involves the use of such liquids that help to counter the negative effects of the out-of-balance doshas or conditions. The liquid soothes and pacifies the doshas when applied to the forehead, scalp and nervous system.Shirodhara not only helps to reduce stress an
  • Cervical Massage

    A massage therapist can use gentle massage to gradually soften and relax your neck muscles layer by layer. As the more superficial muscles relax, she'll be able to feel which of the deeper muscles is tight. She can use circulatory massage, crosswise and lengthwise friction, trigger points and other light- to medium-pressure techniques to relax the muscles and increase your range of motion in all directions. The massage therapist will also use gentle traction to lengthen your neck and gentle stretches to train the muscles to let go.
  • Face Massage

    Medicated luke warm oil is massaged over the face in a definite rhythm. Benefit : Improves blood circulation , promotes healthy skin and reduces wrinkles, beautifies the face
  • Facial

    A facial can give a deep cleansing , deeper than the cleaning you will get at home. Facial includes cleansing as well as exfoliation which can help to unclog the pores and help to get rid of skin acne. Getting a facial will help you achieve clear complexion and a nice glow. Facial are the great preventive treatment to help you beat wrinkles before they occur and slow down premature ageing.
  • Nasyam

    Some of the other benefits of nasya are:It promotes hair growth .It enhances the functioning of sense organs .It boosts immunity .It shows down the aging process.Nasya is best practiced after neti or the ayurvedic nasal cleaning procedure. After the debris in the nasal passages has been cleaned by neti, allow the passages to air dry for a while. You will need specialized herbal oil also known as nasya oil. You can buy this online or at any ayurvedic chemist. some of the common herbs used in nasya oil are pippali, apamarg, vidanga, vacha, saindhava and hingu.Nasya can be varied by the type of oil used and the amount of oil used. Some common types of nasya include Virechana nasya, Pratimarsha nasya, Avapeedana and Dhooma Nasya. the optimal time to practice nasya also varies according to the disease or condition being treated. the best time to practice nasya to relieve Kapha disorders is in the morning. Practicing nasya in the afternoons is beneficial for pitta related problems.
  • Churna Pinda Sweda - Podikizhi

    Choorna pinda is a bolus/potali with dry medicated powder. Sudation with this bolus is called Choorna pindasweda .Choornapindaswedam is a type of bundle massage in which the bags are filled with herbal powders. The type of powders can be different depending on the condition. The herbs are transformed into a coarse powder and warmed in a dry pan and tied to bags in 4 cotton cloth pieces. These are usually heated in medicated oil throughout the massage. Indications -This treatment is very effective for people suffering from all types of inflammatory arthritis, degenerative diseases, diseases of the spine and vertebral column
  • Naranga Kizhi

    Naranga kizhi - is a method of therapeutic sweating. In this procedure lime poultice are used to give fomentation and massage all over the body or any specific part. Limes are made into small pieces and then processed with various medicines like Shatapuspa, Garlic etc. These are covered in cloth pieces in the form of boluses and are made hot frequently throughout the procedure. The person is made to sit on the throne (special table for massage) and first applied medicated oil all over the body. Fomentation and simultaneous massage are given in all seven positions.The Person is given a hot water bath after the procedure. Features of Naranga Kizhi -Acute stiffness of the neck. Cervical Spondylosis. Frozen shoulder. Acute low back pain .Rheumatic Disorders.Body pain etc
  • Elakizhi

    Ela or ila or patra means leaves; kizhi or pinda means bolus; Swedam means sudation. It is one of the major sudation process using herbal leaves, practiced by Vaidyas (physicians) in Kerala. It is highly effective in ailments affecting bones, joints and nervous system.Benefits:Improves blood circulation.Improves skin complexion.Increase muscle strength.Relieves body pain and stiffness.It is anti aging and rejuvenating- Patra Pinda Swedam is effective in the following conditions:Neurological disorders.Arthritis. Myalgia. Chronic back pain. Sciatica. Spondylosis. Lumbar spondylitis. Cervical spondylitis. Sprains and cramps Neuralgia .Sports injuries. Post traumatic dysfunctions
  • Njavara Kizhi

    Njavarakizhi is also known as shashtikashali pinda swedam. Njavara in Malayalam stands for the rice(Shashtika Shali in Sanskrit) that grows in 60 days ; Kizhi (Pinda in Sanskrit) stands for bolus. Njavara is indigenous variety of rice grown in Kerala, having medicinal properties. It is a unique treatment procedure practiced by Kerala Ayurveda physicians (Vaidyas). It is a procedure by which the whole body or any specific part is made to perspire , by the application of certain medicinal drugs with Njavara rice puddings externally in the form of boluses tied up in a muslin bag. Benefits Makes the body supple and removes stiffness .Calms the mind and reduces the stress .Promotes sound sleep .Boosts immune system and slows the aging process.Enhances body nourishment and rejuvenates. Improves lustre and texture of the skin.Sharpens the sense organs.Pacifies Vata Dosha. Strengthens and nourishes the nervous system.The procedure is found effective in:Blood borne diseases. Spasticity
  • Udwarthanam

    Udwarthanam is special therapeutic deep tissue massage using herbal powders. Udwarthanam means to elevate or to promote. This massage involves upward stroking, where the powder is rubbed forcibly on the body. Classical treatises on Ayurveda explain this procedure as a daily routine. The dry powder massage is useful in the following conditions:Motor Neuron Disorders. Parkinsonism. Muscular dystrophy. Multiple sclerosis. Hemiplegia. Sciatica .Rheumatoid arthritis. Cerebral palsy. Skin diseases.Diabetes mellitus. Obesity
  • Kashaya Dhara

    This treatment is a kind of sedation therapy using herbal decoction. This is a process by which the body is made to perspire by means of pouring warm decoction from special herbs with a special vessel from a certain height in rhythmic manner and is rubbed into the body. This method removes ‘ama’ or toxins from the tissues and promotes fat metabolism, removes tension from muscles and also alleviates pain and stiffness of the joints and muscles, Fibromyalgia etc.
  • Danyamla Dhara

    Dhanyamla Dhara is an Ayurvedic therapy. It effectively works as an inflammation treatment and ensures pain relief. It can be say in another word as specially fermented medicinal therapy. Over the body or effected area of the patient, Dhanyamla Dhara spreads it’s curing effect. It also known as a massage therapy. It’s something different. Dhanyamla Dhara is a special kind of Ayurvedic massage therapy and it’s not so common as other massage therapies in Ayurveda. Dhanyamla Dhara assures many advantages and of course it’s a unique Ayurvedic massage therapy. It gives benefits like 1. Improves blood circulation. 2. Revitalizes the patient’s body. 3.Improves immunity. 4.Relieves body ache and muscle spasms, 5. Improves skin complexion. The Dhanyamla Dhara Ayurvedic massage therapy has certain other effective remedies on treatment of conditions like swollen joints, hemi plegia, neurological disorders, arthritis, spondylitis, rheumatism etc.
  • Pizhichil

    Ayurveda is a complete solution, which ensures effective treatment for every disease. Our ancestors believed Ayurveda is reliable and perfect in every aspect. Ayurveda promises good health and longevity, if you follow its principles. It has everything that you would prefer from a medicinal science. Ayurveda gives enormous benefits to body and mind. Therapies are important in Ayurveda and the “Pizhichil” plays the key role in Ayurveda therapies. It has certain specialties and Pizhichil is something royal and known as king’s treatment. The Pizhichil is a squeezing way, an Ayurvedic massage in mild manner consists of oil therapy and heat therapy.In this treatment, lukewarm herbal oils are applied all over the body by two to four trained therapists in a special rhythmic way continuously for about 60 to 90 minutes per day for a period of 7 to 21 days. This treatment is very useful for Rheumatic diseases like Arthritis, Paralysis, Hemiplegia, Paralysis-Agitanus, Sexual Weakness etc
  • Thakra Dhara

    The word ‘Takra’ means buttermilk. Dhara with medicated buttermilk is called as Takradhara. The medicated buttermilk is made by mixing equal quantities of herbal decoction and buttermilk. The buttermilk itself is medicated with some herbs depending on the condition. The dhara starts with lukewarm buttermilk flowing on the forehead in a continuous stream. The commonly used buttermilk is medicated using herbs like dried gooseberry pulp and Cyperusrotundus tubers. After the treatment, the patient is allowed to take rest for a few minutes. Mode of action -The herbal medicines in the buttermilk will be absorbed through the scalp and hair follicles. These will be effective both for body and head diseases. Indications - For all types of diseases of the head and nervous system. For good sleep and relaxation For diseases of the sense organs For diseases of the hair and scalp
  • Yogavasthy

    Yoga Basti is enema done with a combination of herbal decoction and other medicines. This method is mostly to cleanse the intestines and to balance vata. This is always done in combination with the Matra Basti and always before having food. There are strict guidelines for preparation of the solution for better treatment. The medicines prescribed should be mixed together in the given sequence and warmed slightly before introducing it. As in Matra Basti, the patient’s stomach and back should be appropriately oleated and sweat by using water vapour. Then in his left lateral position, the medicine is introduced through the anus under constant pressure. As this is not meant for retaining inside, the patient can go to the toilet when he feels so. Indications - All vata diseases Chronic rheumatisms Other joint diseases Various nervous disorders Deep rooted skin diseases Diseases of the urino-genital system, gynecological diseases etc
  • Arthritis Clinic

    Rheumatoid Arthritis is a connective tissue disorder. Patients experience swelling, pain and morning stiffness of multiple joints involving even smaller joints with symmetrical distribution. Most of the patients will have relentless progressive poly arthritis with multiple joint deformities and marked functional impairment. Some patients will have active stage of disease with fever, joint pain and swelling. Some will present with joint swelling and pain with no fever. Some other patients present with minimum swelling and pain but with maximum deformities.Ayurveda explains it as Amavatha. Panchakarma therapies and oral medicines vary based on the nature of illness. Classical Ayurvedic treatment of Amavatha definitely arrests the progression of the illness with optimal improvement in the features. Many have already benefited from the treatment at Santhigiri Ayurveda & Siddha Healthcare Center.


3 months ago
Excellent hospitality. Holistic approach. My family members also getting treatment / relaxation therapy from santhigiri.
- murugesan v
6 months ago
I am commenting on the massage therapy in this institution. Two therapist do full body massage using medicated oil, together in a rhythm as per the training in institute, that gives a good thrust and right result. They are part of Ashram and non profit. If you are looking for scientific place, this is good and very nominal charges.
- Siju K
6 months ago
One of the best ayurvedic centres in chennai. Medical officer Dr. Nithul Ravi in unison with his team Mr. Vyshak and Mr. Rejilish understood the extreme urgency and medical attention my ribs and spine demanded due to an accident. For more than a month they not only took personal attention, but also made sure my confidence and comfort level was never put at stake. What immaculately impressed me is the care and genuine concern exhibited for the whole period of time I had to spend there for my spine. No words can match my gratitude. Thank you Santhigiri, thank you Mr. Vyshak and Rejilish and above all thank you so very much Dr. Nithul Ravi.
- Karthik V

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Ayurveda means “The knowledge of Life” which deals elaborately and at length with conditions beneficial or otherwise to the humanity, and to factors conducive to the happiness or responsible for misery or sorrow, besides indicating measures for healthful living for full span of life.Ayurveda is also considered as “Science of Life”. It is the earliest medical science having a positive concept of health to be achieved through a blending of physical, mental, social, moral, and spiritual welfare.Ayurveda deals elaborately with measures of healthful living during the entire span of life and its various phases. Besides dealing with principles for maintenance of health, it has also developed a wide range of therapeutic measures to combat illness. Ayurveda became one of the oldest systems of medicine dealing with both the Preventive and Curative aspects of life in a most comprehensive way.

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